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Traditionally, business insurance is seen as complicated. BLACAZ. is changing this perspective with technology – modernising, simplifying and optimising how you purchase insurance, manage claims and receive reimbursements.
As a leading Insurtech (insurance technology) firm, we are on a mission to offer the most ideal business insurance solutions to SMEs and start-ups everywhere – with plans that are simple to understand and services that reduce your insurance-related workloads.
“Best customised advice”
Blacaz gives the best customised advice and makes the extra mile to solve problems, if any.
Jean Luc V.
“You made our day!”
Anne was of great assistance in providing options and quotes to going out of her way to ensure I got the documents for the upcoming trip - and this even after hourse on a late Friday evening! Many thanks!
Thomas C.
“Good service!”
Good service by Joshua and smooth process.
Hui Koh B.
Why choose us?
We help business owners, finance and HR teams get the coverage you need – no fuss, no hassle, and within minutes online.
SME specialists
We are dedicated to serving SMEs and start-ups, so you can be assured that our products have been curated based on your business needs. Prefer a specially tailored plan? Speak to us and we’ll create one for you.
We take pride in our customer-oriented service, which we believe is the best in the industry – especially for small businesses who need a strong customer support team that can quickly and reliably handle all your business insurance-related issues.
Compare and purchase plans online, and be covered in minutes. It’s that simple. Also, our digital platform puts the power of decision-making – and the flexibility of adjusting your coverage at any time – in your hands.
One transaction. A lifetime of support.
We’re with you every step of the way, providing support for your current and future business insurance needs, employee claims, settlements, and more – throughout the entire lifetime of your policies.
Our Digital Approach
Enter your Key Info
Choose Customised
Provide Complementary
Access & Manage Easily
Your Insurance Online
You Are Covered!
Digitally Sign And Pay
Our Values
We understand that business insurance can seem complex, especially for companies just getting started. We’re here to make insurance simple for every business.
We endeavour to create product bundles that are ideally suited for small- to medium-sized businesses – and to expertly manage all relevant claims, even complex cases.
We believe in creating genuine connections with our clients and the employees who count on us to manage their insurance needs.
We promise transparency, honesty and fairness in all our interactions – with absolutely no hidden conditions and zero hidden fees.
We leverage digital technologies to serve businesses better – making insurance simple to understand, purchase and get continued support for.
Corporate Insurance
We make buying Business Insurance online painless for SMEs
& Startups while providing unmatched customer support.

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