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10 smart ways to get the best travel insurance coverage

Travel insurance helps you to enjoy your trips stress-free by financially covering your medical expenses when you fall sick or face some injury while you are traveling. It shall also help you in difficult situations, when you lose your valuable items during the journey for example. The advantages can range from the smallest to the bigger ones.

Outlined below is the essential guide to get you and your family members insured for your holiday.

Smart Way 1: Credit card travel insurance may not cover the entire cost

The free travel insurance provided by your credit card can be catchy yet deceiving. Usually, there are several limitations and exclusion, which cause you to suffer unknown consequences. To extend for full protection options, you must seek the best travel insurance in Singapore and require assistance from an expert as they will explain its use and how it will cover your entire expenses for the trip.

Smart Way 2: Full-coverage for your luxury trip

Anything can happen unexpectedly. The global well-established travel company, Thomas Cook, suddenly collapsed, which resulted in thousands of travelers who had paid for their trip facing the problem of returning to their home.

Everyone has a dream destination to explore. You too might have your expensive trips planned; however, if a trip is postponed or canceled because of uncertain reasons like bankrupt travel companies, you can get back your hard-earned money with a full-coverage plan.

The ideal plan covers for a higher claim limit, which should lie between $15,000 and $20,000 for trip cancellation, and between $5,000 and 10,000 to cover the expenses for lost baggage. Go the extra mile by checking further for the sub-limits you can claim for expensive belongings separately, for example at least $1,000 for a laptop, etc.

Smart Way 3: Extended Medical Coverage Plans

If you’re traveling to a place where you are aware of the high-level medical treatment services such as Europe or the USA, it is best to keep yourself ready with reliable financial support. In case there are any medical expenses incurred, you should have the options to afford it through your insurance plan.

You must be selective while choosing a service. A good insurance service provider will offer you a claim limit between $5,000,000 and $10,000,000 with immediate support. If the claim process is hefty, it can take time for you to get your money. Therefore, you must purchase a travel insurance plan that is sufficient to meet your requirements.

Smart Way 4: Coverage for high-risk activities such as winter sports

Regular travel insurance companies usually don’t cover high-risk activities. But, with us, you are covered for winter sports plans too (learn more about winter sport coverage here). We have separate plans available for your activities to make your travel a fun yet safe experience. You can explore this by logging on to our website or talking to our experts.

Smart Way 5: Coverage for adventure lovers

Adventure travelers would never want to compromise on their fun. Activities like skydiving, bungee jumping, etc. interest them the most. But, it is essential to get yourself covered from the risks involved. The travel insurance policy should consist of the following extended coverage:

A higher claim limit of medical expenses between $5,000,000 and $10,000,000 with immediate support. A minimum of $1 million emergency medical evacuation limit. You will never know the actual cost of an air ambulance in the event of emergency, it is important to find out the claim limit to avoid an unpleasant surprise.The travel plans should provide the emergency hotline services round the clock in the event of needed support.

Smart Way 6: Coverage for pre-existing medical conditions

Insurance companies have very limited offers to cover the medical expenses of your pre-existing medical condition like diabetes, pregnancy or asthma. However, there are still a few reliable ones in the market that can extend the coverage for this condition. If you suffer from pre-existing medical conditions, being the top insurance company Singapore we have got you covered.

Smart Way 7: Proof of your claim

You must have the pieces of evidence for your claims available as the travel insurance company will demand proof. Your receipts are required if you want to claim outpatient medical coverage. For instance, we can consider that your boarding pass is crucial to claim for the losses of damaged luggage. You will also need a photograph of the damaged items.

Smart Way 8: Buy annual travel insurance

Frequent travelers who travel at least 7 to 8 times a year can save a lot of money with our travel insurance plan. We have an annual package available, which can save you from the hustle-bustle of buying unreliable plans every time you are planning a trip.

Smart Way 9: Your coverage available to you within 7 days upon return from your trip

It is essential to consider that you are still eligible for your medical coverage within 7 days of returning from your trip. However, you must keep your boarding passes and itinerary handy for proof of evidence.

Smart Way 10: Get yourself covered with travel insurance as you confirm your trip

As most policies take 24-48 hours for confirming the service activation, you must think of buying one as soon as you confirm a trip. Because the services don’t start instantaneously, it is important to avail service before you depart for the journey.

To confirm a safety check for your travel plan you must reach the best travel insurance company and explore the most suitable package.

We at BLACAZ. recommend considering our services to find out what will suit you best. Contact us for expert advice and avail insurance solutions worth every penny.

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