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COVID-19 Vaccine Updates - Singapore

As of 26th July 2021, more than 7.3 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine were administered, with the first dose given to almost 4.3 million individuals. About 77% of eligible seniors aged 70 and above, and more than 78% of eligible persons aged 45 to 59 years have either received the COVID-19 vaccination or booked for appointments. There will be almost 70% of the entire population receiving 2 doses of the vaccines by National Day and it is expected to increase to approximately 80% by the first week of September.

Children aged 12 - 15 years to receive Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine in Singapore 

With school children testing positive for the COVID virus, the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) has authorized the use of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine under the Pandemic Special Access Route (PSAR). The Ministry of Health (MOH) will work with the Ministry of Education (MOE) on vaccinating individuals aged 12 to 15 years old and provide further updates in due course.

Vaccines available to persons between 40-44 years old

From 19 May 2021, those aged 40 to 44 years will be invited to register for their COVID-19 vaccinations. Singapore will continue to roll out vaccination programs with five-year age bands starting with those aged 40 – 44 years old.

To provide vaccines to maximum people in Singapore, the Multi-Ministry Taskforce on COVID-19 will prioritize the first doses of vaccines which will be effective for registrations that occur from 19 May 2021.

Singapore shortens dose intervals and speeds up vaccinations

The interval between the first dose and second dose was initially increased to 6-8 weeks to make full use of the first dose coverage. However, as the supply of vaccines was confirmed, Singapore is able to achieve its objective of letting as many people be fully vaccinated as possible. Those who have already scheduled a second dosage can reschedule and move their second dose appointments to 4 weeks after their first dose.

Homebound vaccination service to be offered to those unable to leave home

People who are unable to travel to the vaccination site will be provided with homebound vaccinations. MOH has worked with the Health Promotion Board and the Agency for Integrated Care to deploy home-based vaccination teams which will comprise a doctor and a nurse to vaccinate these people at their homes.

Eligible homebound people will be approached by their current home care service provider to ascertain their interest in getting vaccinated through this service. If they have not been contacted yet, they can register their interest directly with their current home care service provider. They can appeal for this service by calling the MOH hotline 1800-333-9999. This service is only meant for homebound people.

Wear a mask with high filtration capability

With recent cluster probing to the higher transmission of new virus variants, the use of masks continues to be the key public health strategy in preventing the disease from the transmission. The guidance for use of masks include:

  • Use a mask with good filtration
  • Use reusable masks that are atleast 2 layers of fabric
  • Check product specification for their filtration efficiency in case of single-use mask
  • Use reusable masks provided by the People’s Association and Temasek Foundation which have a good filtration efficiency

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can get the COVID vaccine in Singapore?

The vaccines being short in supply has made the country provide vaccination in bands of age groups. The vaccinations started on 30 Dec 2020 with priority to healthcare workers and staff working in the healthcare sector. After that, the vaccination rolled out to the elderly 70 and above & those at greater risk of severe diseases in Feb 2021.

With more supply steadily coming in Singapore, vaccination has been rolled out to Singapore residents aged 40 and above. Having said that the migrant workers and those in CMP (construction, marine, and process) sector will also be a priority at this stage.

Now the residents aged 39 and below can register for their COVID-19. Amongst this age group, Singaporeans will be given a 2-week priority window for booking their appointments before opening up for eligible non-local residents.

As per the latest health advisory, the COVID-19 vaccine is NOT recommended for children below the age of 12 years as well as individuals with the severely weakened immune systems. Additionally, the Moderna vaccine is NOT recommended for children below 18 years.

Thereafter, the vaccination programme will be progressively moved to younger age groups. As per MOH, more appointments slots will be made available with more supplies arriving in Singapore.

Singapore has tweaked its vaccination strategy to protect more residents faster and has taken the decision to stretch the gap between the two doses up to eight weeks which would maximize vaccine coverage without impacting the overall immune response.

Where to get the COVID-19 vaccine?

People can get vaccinated by registering at the Ministry of Health’s website, where the complete list of vaccination centers is provided. They can pick the vaccination centers provided the slots are available since there is a huge demand for COVID-19 vaccinations with limited supplies in Singapore.

To promote vaccination for seniors above the age of 60 years, a special amendment has been made allowing them to not require any registration or advance booking to get vaccinated. Seniors in this age group can simply walk in into any vaccination center and receive their COVID-19 vaccine.

For other age groups, the prior booking will be required from the vaccination sites to ensure efficiency and minimize wait times. Once registered, people will receive an SMS with a personalized URL allowing them to book their appointments online. Registrants will receive SMS as soon as the slots are available, which usually happen within few days of registration.

How much does the COVID vaccine cost?

Vaccination is free and voluntary for all Singapore citizens, permanent residents, and long-term residents. Long-term residents in Singapore include:

  • Employment pass holders
  • S-pass
  • Work permit holders
  • Foreign domestic workers
  • Dependent pass holders
  • Long-term visit pass
  • Student pass holders

Children under the age of 16, who are less immune will not be required to take the vaccination. The same applies to pregnant women too until more data on safety and efficacy is available. Tourists with short-term visit pass will not get the benefit of free vaccination.

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