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How to get cover for winter sports?

How to get cover for winter sports?

Most people plan their winter vacation in places where they can do a lot of fun and adventurous winter activities like ski, hike, snowboard, snow moil, bobsleigh, glacier walking, ice hockey, skeleton bobsleigh, dogsledding, ice fishing, and more. So, if you also enjoy adventurous sporting activities during your end-of-the-year holidays and try your luck on slopes, make sure you have adapted winter sports coverage.

Some of those activities will be considered as “extreme” and will not be covered by your regular travel insurance. If you are traveling to France, Italy, Switzerland in Europe or Japan, South Korea, China in Asia to name only a few, BLACAZ. can provide you with adequate solutions.

A few key benefits of winter sports insurance policy

Never assume that standard travel insurance works the same[ for any activity, you will probably have to add winter sports coverage to your general travel insurance policy.

Winter sports are classified as high-risk activities. Common types of winter sports injuries are dislocation of shoulder and elbow, ankle sprain and fractures, head and spinal injuries, wrist fracture and knee ligament torn. If you got badly injured while hitting the slopes, you can request medical assistance without worrying about the expenses, as you are assured insurance service providers have got your back.

Similarly, if you lose or damage any expensive ski equipment, it may not come under a regular personal possession policy. This is where the specialized cover provided by winter sports travel insurance comes in handy.

The winter sports insurance plan covers the cost of treatment if you have an accident or get sick whilst abroad, as well as the costs of being flown back to your home country. All these services are fully included in this kind of insurance policy. The insurance service provider can also contact an emergency hotline to request a translator in your native language, ensuring that you get the right medical assistance, tailored to your medical profile, in case of an emergency.

What winter sports does travel insurance cover?

The winter sports travel insurance offers similar coverage as standard travel insurance plans, such as flight delays, coverage for lost luggage, medical costs, stolen belongings, and more. However, there is additional coverage that specifically relates to winter sports, including:

Range of winter sports: downhill skiing, heli-skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing, luge, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, bobsleigh, glacier walking, snowmobiles, ice fishing and ice hockey.

Equipment: this covers the cost of replacing the sporting equipment such as skis, helmets, and snowboards in case they are stolen or lost.

Rental of equipment: this covers the cost if you need to hire alternative equipment in case you can’t afford or don’t want to buy your own.

Piste closure: with this, you can claim the cost of the part of your winter trip if the piste is closed, however, the insurance service provider can set a minimum of 12 or 24 hours time requirement.

Ski pass: it will help with the replacement cost in case you lose your ski pass, so you can still get to the slopes even if your ski pass is lost.

Avalanche delays: this pays you out if the sports activities are delayed due to an avalanche breakdown or harsh weather conditions.

Medical costs: this factor will provide you with medical coverage in case you get yourself badly injured on the slopes.

Personal liability: this is to provide help for claiming legal costs if you are liable for someone else’s injuries as a result of your negligence.

Pre-existing medical conditions: if you have pre-existing medical conditions, you will get the financial coverage for the cost of the treatment you need during the entire travel period.

Winter sports travel insurance becomes a must for you if if you are traveling anywhere in the world (excluding Caribbean islands, USA, and Canada). Your travel insurance coverage may vary according to the plan you choose. You may also need to take note of the common exclusions that policy does not cover, including:

  • Injuries without protective gear;
  • Injuries under the influence of drugs/alcohol;
  • Extreme winter sports like glacier climbing or any participation to professional winter sports competitions.

While planning an adventurous snowy vacation, it is extremely important to consider the winter sports travel insurance. Hiring the top insurance company in Singapore assures you that every bit of documentation work and medical checks are done by the date of your departure.

Our BLACAZ. team of advisors has in-depth knowledge from various insurance companies and can recommend you a tailored winter sports insurance policy that’s best suited to your particular requirements, feel free to contact us.

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