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HR personnel in health care

Many firms include medical insurance and health insurance plans as part of their non-financial benefits. As an employee, having your medical care and medical bills covered by your company's health insurance program is important. Whatever employees' pre-existing conditions are (if any), having their insurance premiums paid through the company's health benefits is a great way to retain them.

A good health insurance coverage with great health benefits protects employees from incurring high medical costs and unexpected medical expenses. 

In many small and medium enterprises, HR professionals are tasked with explaining group employee health benefits to workers. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of having HR personnel managing employees' health care.

HR’s Communication role

Human resource staff should have a direct line of communication with employees. This is especially useful when it comes to choosing the right type of health insurance. HR personnel can handle it and communicate with employees to help them select the benefits they need during the yearly open enrolment period.

Besides, HR forces may advise employees on how to get the most from their benefits throughout the year. As such, having an open communication line between HR staff and employees improves working conditions and employee's development within the company.

Bridging the gap between employers and employees

HR personnel may efficiently forward to employers what workers seek the most when it comes their health benefits. Because of their "middle-man" situation, HR forces are well-positioned to transfer unbiased information regarding employees' needs.

Moreover, HR staff can compile data about the average use of each type of health benefits available within the company. They then transfer it to decision-makers who can reshape their benefits package accordingly and thus become more a more appealing company in the job market.

Besides, cost factors can be tracked and evaluated against other factors like an employee's productivity levels and wellness objectives.

Effective communication about group benefit programs

Some ways that HR professionals can transfer information about benefits to employees may include:

  • A central employee benefits share folder/Dropbox that publishes all the benefit plan information.
  • A regular email or print newsletter sent to employees about important well-being topics.
  • Annual total compensation statements that include the detailed use health benefit data.
  • A hotline for all employees to access 24/7 to answer their questions about health benefits.-A mobile application with an access to health plan information, cards, and instructions.

 What are the advantages for employees?

One of the most important advantages is that employees feel supported that way. They will understand how and when to use their benefits in the event of a medical emergency. Enabling a better communication with HR personnel is a subtle but great way to improve employees' working conditions and reinforce their commitment to the company.

It is also crucial that employees properly use their benefits so that their health is not compromised. Besides, healthy employees are more productive and key to the company's long-term success.

Eventually, establishing a clear communication about health benefits is a powerful way to attract top talent for your business. Indeed, most studies have shown that salary aside, employees look for jobs where their work is valued and involvement appreciated. Providing strong health benefits and having a good HR team that clearly forwards essential information on this subject is a way to make employees feel valued and comfortable within the company.

As such, providing for your employees' health benefits and making sure that they have access to the best information available through HR personnel can be a valuable asset to display when recruiting.

BLACAZ. and HR personnel

BLACAZ. is an insurance brokerage committed to securing the most competitive and viable insurance options for its members. Whether it is family members, senior citizens or corporations, the company's mission is to help people and businesses make the right decision when it comes to insurance companies. We can help you find the most adequate insurance solutions to cover your employees' health expenses and how to get the most from their health benefits.

Our team can assist your HR personnel and help them under any situation. As previously stated, a good communication between HR forces and employees can have a tremendous impact on a business. As such, guiding HRs and informing them about all the health benefit possibilities is part of what we do.

Contact us today if you have any question or simply need assistance with health benefits and your HR personnel.

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