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Introduction to an insurance intermediary

Insurance companies provide insurance coverage to ensure businesses and individuals remain protected at all times. While the type of insurance varies depending on one's needs (life insurance, state insurance, etc.) it is crucial to cover yourself against the unexpected. 

When choosing your insurance plan, an insurance broker can save you time, money, and worry. Indeed, in a similar fashion to accountants or lawyers who provide professional advice based on years of training and experience, a qualified broker can do the same with your insurance.

An insurance brokerage company can give you the best quotes available on the market for the type of policy you are seeking. 

In this article, we will further explain the insurance intermediaries' role and how they operate. Moreover, we will list the benefits that come along and how you can take advantage of them.

What is an insurance broker?

In the simplest way, insurance brokers or agents sell and negotiate insurance plans for remuneration. The brokerage company acts as the middle man between insurance companies and individuals. 

The role of the insurance broker is to properly assess a customer's needs and redirect them towards the adequate insurance plan. 

A good insurance broker is experienced and values the client's satisfaction over financial compensation. Building a long-lasting and trustful relationship whilst providing the best quality service is the key to a successful broker.

What are the benefits of choosing an insurance broker?

Expert advice

When working with an insurance broker, you benefit from a qualified assessment of your situation. You also benefit from a non-biased opinion when it comes to insurance plans since they are not directly attached to the broker. 

Evaluation of risk exposure

An insurance broker works along your side to evaluate your risk exposure. By doing so, the insurance agent or broker will measure your potential financial loss resulting from your activity. Keep in mind that it is in the broker's interest to help you hedge your risks. 

Save time and money

When going through an insurance intermediary, you are saving a lot of time instead of comparing insurance companies one after the other. A centralized and structured insurance intermediary such as BLACAZ has already compared the countless insurance policies on the market and will directly tell you which plan suits you best. 

Trained Industry professionals

In Singapore, intermediary such as BLACAZ are trained professionals. Moreover, these companies go through on-going development and training to maintain and enhance their capabilities and professionalism.

Being the direct liaison with the insurer

You may avoid the hassle of reaching out to your insurer by choosing an insurance broker. Indeed, part of the broker's job consists of contacting insurance companies on your behalf and making sure all your needs and concerned are being taken care of.

Assisting your Claim

Working with an insurance broker is the best way to make sure you are not alone during the moments that matter the most. Getting assistance from your trusted broker when filing a claim will relieve you from the stress caused by the situation. 

Having someone working for your interests

Spare the expense of wasting your precious energy over understanding every insurance plan, contacting your insurer or even searching for the best quote. An insurance broker will always work in your interests and do the nitty and gritty for you. 


A broker sells his service, and part of it consists of regularly reviewing your insurance portfolio. A centralized insurance intermediary can verify the validity of your insurance plans and make sure they don't overlap.

A personalized service

Finally, one of the many advantages of choosing an insurance broker is the personalization of service. Your broker will accompany you for years, always with your best interests at heart. Creating an honest relationship that lasts for years serves both your interests and the insurance brokers'.

Choosing BLACAZ.

Since 2014, BLACAZ has been committed to deliver the best service possible to its clients. Based in Singapore, the firm advises companies and individuals in their risk management. 

BLACAZ offers solutions for its client’s insurance portfolio to ensure they are getting the best plan for the lowest price available. 

You may contact us today so we can assess your needs and provide you with the insurance plans that are the most adequate to your demand.


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