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Mental health effects during COVID-19 crisis

The world is facing an unprecedented sanitarian crisis. The widespread diffusion of Covid-19 has turned countries to close their borders and enforce strict health regulations. Whether you live in a country where confinement is mandatory or simply self-isolate as a preventive measure, this pandemic has most likely impacted your daily routine.

As we have previously discussed the benefits of telemedicine, in this article we will put the light on Covid-19’s mental health effects. Indeed, as an indirect consequence of the situation, mental health has deteriorated and various related-issues have been raised.

Moreover, we will share some tips to boost your mental wellness and maintain a strong psychological fortitude in such unstable times.

Mental Health effects

The rapid propagation of this new coronavirus has seen an increase in mental health issues. Fear, worry and stress seem to be major outcomes for many people and more specifically for the elderly. Loss of physical social connection, loss of normalcy, fear of death and economic uncertainty all result from the increasing importance of the pandemic within our communities.

Quarantine measures have definitely propped up feelings of loneliness, depression and harmful behavior amongst many individuals. Furthermore, mild forms of mental health issues might have been triggered in people who were treating them with an active lifestyle and a fulfilling professional career.

During these difficult times, it is crucial to remind yourself that your health will not be endangered for as long as you strictly respect your government’s health procedures. Besides, things will get better and the world will recover from both the direct and indirect consequences of the pandemic.

Things to do to improve your mental health during the crisis

Create and maintain a healthy routine

Most gyms and fitness centers are closed but this should not stop you from exercising at home. You can go online and check YouTube videos for whatever physical goal you have in mind. No matter where you are starting from, keeping a daily exercise routine is not only beneficial to your body but it also greatly improves your mental health as it releases chemicals like endorphins and serotonin that improve your mood.

Moreover, part of creating a healthy routine involves balancing nutrition. A good nutrition supports your immune system and perfectly complements your workouts.

Take care of your well-being

In relation to a healthy routine, having an adequate sleep schedule, taking showers and dressing up every day are incredible ways to not fall into depressive states and have bad feelings about yourself. Such seemingly simple efforts will thoroughly change your day and elevate your well-being as well as keep you stimulated during the week.

Entertain yourself

Many hardships and dire consequences have resulted from this global pandemic. Nevertheless, it is detrimental to entertain and distract yourself to successfully remain positive in such complicated times.

There are countless online activities that you can enjoy within the comfort of your home. It might also could be a great time to unleash your creativity and pick up a new hobby like painting, writing, crafting and cooking.

Self-isolate but stay connected

Social media is the source of many critics, and rightfully so. However, the moderate use of social platforms can be extremely uplifting.

In a time where physical isolation is recommended for people’s sake, facetiming your parents, communicating on Instagram with your cousins, or simply having a fun time exchanging Snapchats with friends is a good way to enhance your mental health. It goes without saying that virtual interactions cannot replace a family dinner, but you can still take advantage of those modern tools to get a bit of comfort during this crisis.

Refocus on yourself

Self-isolation and social distancing may negatively affect your mood, mental health and overall well-being. Nonetheless, we are living a unique moment and it could be a great opportunity to spend this abundance of time refocusing on yourself. Indeed, you can use this extra time planning your future, thinking about a professional reconversion, arranging your schedule and maybe even ponder over the next few years and where you want to be.

While stay connected to your loved ones, refocusing the energy on yourself and plan your short- and long-term future will not only help you productively spend your time but it will also distract you from thinking negatively about the situation.

Applying those tips should greatly improve your lifestyle during the pandemic. However, keep in mind that our advice should not replace a proper treatment and medication if you have diagnosed mental illnesses. The effects of Covid-19 are still uncertain and the global answer brings a large amount of apprehension.

Using our list of recommendations may improve your situation and bring a bit of joy in such gloomy times. Moreover, please note that our members can ring our line in case of emergency and we will redirect them to the appropriate medical facility.

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