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Corporate Travel

With companies being liable for their employees’ well-being, it is now even more crucial for organizations with overseas travel commitments to have adequate corporate travel insurance.

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Corporate Travel

With companies being liable for their employees’ well-being, it is now even more crucial for organizations with overseas travel commitments to have adequate corporate travel insurance.


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Overseas medical expenses
All over the world
Travel inconvenience
Such as flight disruptions or lost of luggage
All risks 24-hour accessibility to medical
And travel assistance services worldwide
Coverage in the event of terrorism
For your company and your employees
Covers personal deviation up to 31 days
Before and after a business Trip
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FAQs - Corporate Travel

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What is Business Travel insurance?

Business travel insurance, also known as Corporate Travel Insurance, is designed to cover events related to business travel. It protects owners, and employees against the financial disruption caused by serious accidents, illness, and travel delays while travelling inter-states, inter-provinces/inter-cities, and abroad for business. 

Business travel insurance offers primary coverage for a broad range of business expenses incurred from unexpected travel-related incidents as well as emergency medical care. 

Depending on the plan, coverage may include the following travel benefits mentioned below: 

  • Personal Accident benefits 
  • Medical benefits 
  • Medical evacuation benefits 
  • Travel inconvenience benefits 
  • Family Cover 
  • Other benefits ( Hijacking, legal assistance, full terrorism cover)
Who needs Business Travel insurance?

The globalization of businesses has created business travel a norm in most industries. You should consider Business Travel Insurance if your employees have to travel as a job requirement. Whether you are an SME or a multinational company, having comprehensive travel insurance in place shows that you care about your employees' wellbeing. It provides financial protection to your employees as well as your company.

What does Business Travel insurance not cover?

Business Travel insurance provides protection to your employees wherever the business takes them, however, the cover provided includes some exclusions. The following are some of the exclusions of Business Travel insurance:

  • Illegal act 
  • Suicide or self-injury 
  • Pre-Existing medical conditions
  • Travel in, to or through some countries 
  • Action taken by any Government authority 
  • War or similar circumstances 
  • Some occupations like military, air force, armed security guard etc. 
  • Work involving hazardous places or substances

Some exclusions can be covered by extending the insurance policy, check with your insurance provider to know more.

How to switch insurance if I'm already covered?

Switching policy provider at the time of renewal, that is when your current insurance is near expiration, is straightforward. However, it's important to maintain the continuity of coverage while switching insurance providers. Our team at BLACAZ is always eager to assist you, so get in touch if you have any concerns.


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