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As cybercrime has continued steadily climbing, more businesses are being hit. BLACAZ. Cyber Risks policy can help to keep your business activities going smoothly, should a cybercrime happen to your SME or start-up.
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Cyber Risks: What’s included?
Any business can be a victim of cybercrime. If it happens to you, you’ll need to deal with the repercussions – dealing with lawsuits, recovering lost data, paying ransoms, and more. BLACAZ. Cyber Risks policy can handle these expenses, allowing you to keep your business running as usual.
Legal Fees for Lawsuits
Should your company face lawsuits following a breach of private information or defamation (resulting from a cybercrime), your Cyber Risk policy can reimburse your legal fees.
Expenses for Data Recovery
Recovering stolen and lost data can expensive. We can help you cover the costs of a security audit, investigations, and recovering your data.
Ransom Payments
Sometimes, the only way to protect your business and confidential data, is to pay the ransom asked. If this happens, your policy can ensure you’ll be able to pay (without seriously affecting your cashflow).
Public Relations
Following a cybercrime, your image as a secure company may be negatively affected. We can help you pay for public relations efforts to build your brand up again.
Financial Compensation
In today’s data-driven world, your lost data is also lost profits. Your BLACAZ. Cyber Risks policy can compensate you for these losses – helping you to maintain profitability, even after a cybercrime happens.
24/7 Support
Gain 24/7 access to our dedicated round-the-clock incident response team, who will assist with any issue that’s covered in your BLACAZ. Cyber Risk policy.

FAQs - Cyber Risks business insurance

Find the replies to your questions right below or connect with us!
What is Cyber Risks insurance?

Cyber risks insurance protects companies against risks related to information technology (IT) infrastructure and activities. Most cyber risk policies cover some (or all) of the following: 

  • Legal lawsuits following a breach of private information or defamation
  • Expenses incurred to recover data, conduct a security audit, pursue investigations, or carry out public relations activities, following a cybercrime
  • Support for the consequences of an interruption of online activity
  • Consultant fees necessary to end any threat of extortion
  • Reimbursement of ransoms
  • Financial compensation for the loss of data
Do I need cyber risks insurance?

Not every business needs cyber risks insurance. However, BLACAZ. Cyber Risk insurance plan is essential if your business holds any confidential information – this includes customer data (i.e., their email, address, contact number, bank details, etc.), credit card information, payment details, any personal identifiable information.

Also, if your business faces IT-related risks (such as having a remote workforce who may fall victim to cybercrime), an InsurD Cyber Risk policy is a small investment that could save your business!

What does Cyber Risks insurance not cover?

Generally, cyber risk insurance plans do the cover the following:

  • Potential future lost profits
  • Loss of value due to theft of your Intellectual Property
  • The cost of improving internal technology systems, following a cybercrime
Our company already has a cyber risk plan. Can I switch insurers?

If your policy is due for renewal soon, switching is easy! Your new BLACAZ. Cyber Risk plan can take effect immediately after your existing one expires. 

Even if your policy’s expiry date is some time away, you can secure your BLACAZ. Cyber Risk plan today, and when it’s time for the switch, we’ll make sure the transition is seamless – with absolutely no gaps in coverage.

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