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Build your reputation as an employer who cares for the health and welfare of your employees by taking care of their medical expenses.
Elevating your brand and making it easier to attract top talent who recognise your employee-friendly initiatives.
SME Health And Employee Benefits
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Annual Premium From (per PAX)
Annual Premium From (per PAX)
Annual Premium From (per PAX)
Consultation and Tests
S$10 per visit
Covered in full
Covered in full
Singapore Polyclinic/Public Clinic
Covered in full
Covered in full
Covered in full
Consultation and Tests
S$4,000 per year
S$4,000 per year
Post Cancer Treatment
S$10, 000 per policy year
S$20, 000 per policy year
S$75, 000 per policy year
Nursing at Home
Covered in full
S$500 per year
S$750 per year
Corporate Health:
What’s included?
Here’s what you can expect from your InsurD Corporate Health plan.
General Practitioner visits
Cover the (full or partial) costs of your employees’ visits to GP clinics or TCM doctors.
Specialist Consultation
Should an employee need to consult with a specialist, you can help them manage up to $4,000 a year (depending on your selected plan).
Cashless Transactions
When your employees visit GPs and TCM clinics in our panel network, they won’t need to pay out of pocket.
Wellness & Recovery
Give your employees peace of mind during their recovery with flexible outpatient medical coverage that includes post-cancer treatment, nursing at home, physiotherapy and TCM treatments (depending on your selected plan).
Hospitalisation and Surgery
Cover the (full or partial) costs of an employee’s hospitalisation and surgery bills. You also have the option to cover their dependants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find the replies to your questions right below or connect with us!
How does Blacaz add value to your corporate health insurance experience?

Blacaz digitalises traditionally bureaucratic insurance process – making your corporate insurance simple to choose, purchase and maintain.

Behind the scenes, our hardworking team takes care of all the nitty gritty aspects of corporate health insurance, from researching the insurance marketplace for the best insurance options to negotiating for affordable prices, keeping up with the latest trends and regulations, and much more.

As our client, you’ll have access to our Insurance Management portal. Here, you can easily view all your insurance policies and benefits, add and remove employees, see employee claims, modify your coverage as your team grows, and connect with our claims team for help with navigating medical emergencies.

Why should you offer corporate health insurance to your employees?

Think about the times you have heard of someone dealing with a health emergency. These situations can be rip apart an employee’s financial savings and cause emotional stress – negatively impact their motivation and performance at work.

Health insurance will make your company’s benefits package more competitive in the talent market, and across the globe, is the most common (and well-appreciated) employee benefit. Better health coverage helps employers to attract new talents, retaining existing employees, and significantly improve employee satisfaction.

Is medical insurance compulsory for employees in Singapore?

Work Permit and S Pass holders are legally obligated to have medical insurance, along with medical treatment provisions, as employees with these passes are more exposed to injuries.

Employee pass holders are not required to have health insurance. However, offering them health insurance (alongside a competitive salary) is a proven way to retain top talents and win over tenured employees.

Aren’t Singaporean employees already covered by MediShield?

MediShield offers very basic coverage, and requires individuals to top-up for more adequate coverage. Therefore, all employees – residents and foreigners alike – appreciate health insurance coverage and are highly incentivised to join (or stay with) employers who offer this as a benefit.

How much health coverage do you need for your employees?

Based on our experience with over 200+ corporate clients, the average employer pays S$2,000 per employee (for a moderate to comprehensive package). However, this figure will vary based on your requirements and the modules you want to offer to your employees.

To provide you with a quote that’s specific to your business, it’s important for us to understand your needs. Please answer these few questions to get your tailored quote.

If you have any questions, you may book a call with a Health Insurance Specialist from InsurD for advice.

What kind of health coverage should you provide to EP holders?


Your hospitalisation stays and any surgeries (approved by Singapore's Ministry of Health) will be covered under your plan’s Hospitalisation benefit. This includes your hospitalisation ward, Intensive Care Unit (ICU), surgical, medication, diagnostics, and other miscellaneous fees.

Outpatient treatments

This includes common outpatient treatments, such as kidney dialysis, erythropoietin, cancer radiotherapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and stereotactic radiotherapy. Other claimable outpatient treatments include immunosuppressants for organ transplant patients, and long-term parenteral nutrition (also known as tube feeding).

Travel emergency

This module covers your employee for emergency medical coverage overseas, and includes life-or-death emergency medical treatments and evacuations.

Vision, dental, maternity

These are optional benefits that you may choose to provide to employees (depending on your budget).

Does Blacaz charge any extra fees for managing my employees’ health claims?
You can easily handle all your employees’ health claims via our Insurance Management portal. Should you prefer our team to manage this for you, we’ll be happy to do so at a modest 10% management fee (excluding GST).
What is corporate health insurance?

As an employer, you can purchase corporate health insurance to cover your employees’ medical bills. This can include their visits to GPs, TCM clinics, specialists, hospitals, and more. This protects your employees from incurring high medical costs and unexpected medical expenses – giving them peace of mind during their treatment period and recovery process.

Corporate health insurance provides more than general cover by including outpatient, dental, personal accident, and term life coverage.

Some common benefits include:

  • International and local plans
  • Cashless networks access
  • Worldwide medical emergency assistance
  • Access to private and public hospitals
  • Flexible limits on hospitalisation and outpatient benefits
  • An option to cover employees’ dependants
What does corporate health insurance not cover?

Coverage varies according to your health insurance provider and your chosen plan, but here are some exclusions that are common across the industry:

  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Dental*
  • Vision
  • Maternity
  • Alternative medicine
  • Outpatient prescriptions
  • Mental health
  • Sports

You’ll be glad to know that you can add coverage for any of these situations as add-ons to your Blacaz Corporate Health insurance plan!

*Our Blacaz Corporate Health Premium plan offers dental coverage of up to S$1,200 per year.

Our company already has a corporate health plan. Can I switch insurers?

If your policy is due for renewal soon, switching is easy! Your new Blacaz Corporate Health plan can take effect immediately after your existing one expires.

Even if your policy’s expiry date is some time away, you can secure your preferred Blacaz Corporate Health plan today, and when it’s time for the switch, we’ll make sure the transition is seamless – with absolutely no gaps in coverage for your employees.

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