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International Health Insurance

BLACAZ. range of international health insurance covers are customised for individuals of all nationalities with the highest level of expectations, regardless of your profession, leisure and your sports.

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International Health Insurance

BLACAZ. range of international health insurance covers are customised for individuals of all nationalities with the highest level of expectations, regardless of your profession, leisure and your sports.


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“The First wealth is health.”
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FAQs - International Health Insurance

Find the replies to your questions right below or connect with us!
What is International Health Insurance Plan?

International health insurance is designed to enable the best medical treatment options available for you irrespective of where you are in the world without worrying about the inflating costs.

With BLACAZ. your international health insurance includes in-patient, out-patient, wellness, evacuation, dental, and vision treatment, along with other benefits. 

Additionally, you have the flexibility to modify your plans with your changing needs.

Why do you need International Health Insurance Plans?

Most local and national health plans are limited to protecting you in your home country and do not cover your health risk when you go overseas. In rare cases, they will likely have limited coverage designed for emergencies only.

Injury or illness abroad can add up to thousands of dollars in bills and get out of hand. Reliable international health insurance that works abroad protects you and your family wherever you are in case of an illness or injury requiring medical care. 

On a side note, established insurance companies usually have close relationships with the best hospitals and doctors worldwide. Thus you get access to world-class facilities and trustworthy doctors through your relationship with the insurer.

Who is eligible to buy International Health Insurance?

The standard eligibility criteria for most international health insurance plans is that you should live or have plans to live in a foreign country for at least three months per year. 

 ✅ If you are a Singaporean who is relocating abroad to work or study for atleast three months per year, you are eligible to get an add-on of global coverage on the top of your local health plan.

✅ If you are a foreigner/Expat living in Singapore, you must have International health insurance plans as you won't be eligible for many of the government-funded healthcare schemes and subsidies afforded to locals.

What is covered in International Health Insurance?

✅ Hospitalization benefits: The heart of any health insurance plan is inpatient benefits that include coverage for hospitalization, surgery, intensive care unit (ICU) units, medications, diagnostic tests, and various charges.

✅ Outpatient benefits: Your plan will usually include outpatient treatment as well. This medical treatment does not require an overnight hospital stay, such as Renal dialysis, radiation, chemotherapy for cancer, or immunotherapy.

✅ Travel Emergency: International health insurance entitles you to receive medical care in the region or continent of your choice. We also offer the option to exclude the United States from insurance to lower your insurance premiums, as treatment is often expensive in the United States. Even if you exclude it, most of our tariffs will protect you in an emergency.

✅ Dental: Most international health insurance plans also offer flexible add-on coverage to expand your coverage to include other lifestyle and health needs such as regular dental visits.

✅ Wellness and Vision: Some international health insurance plans may add mental health, behavioral, or eye care (such as glasses, prescription lenses, or regular optometrist visits).

✅ Maternity costs: Delivery in a private hospital (single room) can start from $3,500 to $4,000 (only for delivery). The most common add-on available will be the pregnancy and childbirth, which covers your routine pre-natal gynecologist visit, your actual childbirth labor, and post-natal care. 

✅ Virtual Doctor service: Additionally, with BLACAZ. International Health Insurance Coverage you also have access to an online doctor service that enables you to speak with an experienced, internationally qualified doctor - at a time and place that suits you.

How much does International Health Insurance cost?

An international health insurance plan can start at S$1,248 per year. However, the cost varies depending on the following factors: 

  • Ages between 1-59 are eligible for the insurance plan, and premiums would fluctuate based on your age.

  • Adding family members such as your spouse and children.

  • Lifestyle factors, including smokers and non-smokers

  • Checking of other pre-existing conditions

To get an accurate quote, scroll up and answer a few questions to help us present you with a comprehensive plan to fit your budget and needs.

In case of any further queries, feel free to contact our Insurance Experts.

Is International Health Insurance plans customized based on your needs?

International Health Insurance is customisable. You can tailor the plan’s benefits, limits, and coverage levels that fit your needs and budget. Common add-ons can be included in the Health Insurance plans, such as pregnancy and childbirth, mental health, eye care, dental lifestyle, and health needs for regular dental visits.

BLACAZ. is a leading online insurance company and our experts are highly trained to match expats and their families with the best-fitting insurance. We’ll help you understand the details that can be covered in your policy and support you not only in finding the perfect insurance plan but also with claims and renewals with our unmatched customer support. 

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