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BLACAZ. knows that start-ups’ and SMEs’ needs are simple and require insurance that gives comprehensive coverage yet is fast, affordable, and easy to manage.
That is why we have introduced the Health and Employee Benefits Package to fulfill all your insurance needs instantly, online.
SME Health And Employee Benefits
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Select Your Corporate Health Package
Annual Premium From (per PAX)
Annual Premium From (per PAX)
Annual Premium From (per PAX)
Consultation and Tests
S$10 per visit
Covered in full
Covered in full
Singapore Polyclinic/Public Clinic
Covered in full
Covered in full
Covered in full
Consultation and Tests
S$4,000 per year
S$4,000 per year
Post Cancer Treatment
S$10, 000 per policy year
S$20, 000 per policy year
S$75, 000 per policy year
Nursing at Home
Covered in full
S$500 per year
S$750 per year
What is the Health and Employee
Benefits Package?
No frills, just expertise, transparency and common sense. We've got you covered.
The standard coverage includes the following benefits:
General Practitioner visits
Select benefits according to your needs
Specialist Consultation
With our cashless networks access
Flexible limit of hospitalisation & outpatient benefits
Hospitalization and Surgery
Option to cover the collaborator’s dependants

FAQs - Corporate Health

Find the replies to your questions right below or connect with us!
What is Corporate Health insurance?

Corporate health insurance refers to a health insurance policy offered by an employer to its employees for their healthcare benefits. This protects employees from incurring high medical costs and unexpected medical expenses.  

Corporate health insurance provides more than general cover by including outpatient, dental, personal accident, and term life.  

Some common benefits associated with corporate insurance plans include: 

  • International and local plans 
  • Cashless networks access 
  • Worldwide medical emergency assistance 
  • Access to private and public hospitals 
  • Flexible limit of hospitalisation & outpatient benefits 
  • Option to cover the collaborator’s dependants
Do employers have to provide Health insurance?

Employee health insurance is vital for firms to build a healthier workforce. As an employee, getting an additional perk in the form of health insurance enhances their loyalty towards the company. 

Employers for Work Permit and S Pass holders are legally obligated to provide medical insurance along with medical treatment provisions as employees with these passes are more exposed to injuries. 

Employers for Employment Pass holders don't have any obligations to provide health insurance. However, providing such benefits and compensation packages on top of the salaries help companies to retain top talent.

What does Corporate Health insurance not cover?

Each health insurance is different. Depending on the country and the health insurance provider, there are few exclusions that will not be covered by your healthcare insurance plan. However, some exclusions of your healthcare insurance can be added as an add-on top of your insurance. Some exclusions that are often found in many insurances are: 

  • Pre-existing conditions 
  • Dental and Vision 
  • Maternity 
  • Alternative medicine 
  • Outpatient Prescriptions 
  • Mental Health 
  • Sports
How to switch insurance if I'm already covered?

Switching policy provider at the time of renewal, that is when your current insurance is near expiration, is straightforward. However, it's important to maintain the continuity of coverage while switching insurance providers. Our team at BLACAZ is always eager to assist you, so get in touch if you have any concerns.

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